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3 Reasons Why Office 365 Is the Ideal Platform for Quality and Risk Management

In our last article, we have mentioned security, audit and data loss prevention features that make Microsoft Office 365 the optimal platform for quality and compliance solutions.

Beside these features, there are major reasons why your organization should adopt Office 365 to improve the quality of your products and services.

Office 365 Quality and Risk Management

Lower Cost

A Forrester study demonstrated Office 365 delivers an ROI of 321 percent with a payback period of two months for the composite midsize organizations.

The study lists monetary benefits – more than $1M over 3 years – a midsize organization can expect:

  • Knowledge worker productivity gain
  • Savings from reduced IT support effort
  • Mobile worker incremental productivity gain
  • Savings from substituted Microsoft licenses
  • Savings from eliminated hardware, etc.

Office 365 Business Essentials starts at less than $5 per user/month which makes it accessible for any organization.

Better User Experience

From an end user perspective, Microsoft Office 365 provides an unequaled “one interface” experience grouping all important tools in a single page, like Office tools, reminders, emails, calendar and more.

Concretely, concerned users don’t need to login into different systems and switch interface to access documents, view important meetings, access emails or get alerts and reminders. This clearly improve user experience, productivity and reduce frustration to connect with different software.

Better Collaboration and Productivity

No other platform brings so many tools to improve collaboration and productivity. Teams and SharePoint bring great collaborative workspaces, including conferencing and discussions. Flow provides connectors to dozens of technologies and intelligent workflow features. Power BI brings the most powerful reporting tools. With Power Apps, end users can access data and documents with their mobile devices. Using forms, even external people outside from your company can interact with your organization.

BPA has developed the first and unique Quality and Risk management solution, natively built on Office 365, empowering collaboration, automating processes and improving quality.

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