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Turn Your Intranet Into a Process-Driven eQMS

Is an Intranet portal still bringing the added value needed for organizations in the digital age ?

At BPA, we think intranet solutions miss the business context to bring real benefits and we suggest organizations to move to process-driven collaborative solutions.

Process-driven eQMS

Nowadays, intranet portals used to share documents, links, news and contacts are clearly not enough. The main reason is because intranet solutions are usually disconnected from business activities.


With a digital QMS solution, clients combine modern intranet technologies to solve business challenges, improve process efficiency, and develop the quality of the delivered products and services.


eQMS home page – turn your intranet into a process-driven collaborative portal used by everyone.

The good news is most organizations have a Quality Management System in place, with written procedures. Consequently, the effort to upgrade your Intranet to a digital QMS is limited.

BPA’s client proposal is to implement a simple eQMS solution, combining modern Microsoft 365 technologies with existing client good practices to obtain the ultimate collaborative solution for continuous improvement.

We have an agile project implementation methodology to leverage tools used by clients and import existing QMS content, processes, and documents rapidly in their original format. This brings outstanding results in a few weeks, with a transfer knowledge to client power users, and limited effort by BPA.

Intranet is dead, long life to digital QMS! Tell us about your challenges and we’ll turn your intranet into a digital QMS used by everyone.

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