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Meet Your Unique Needs With an Agile QMS Software

Most QMS software solutions don’t provide the needed flexibility for organizations to adopt best QM practices.

As quality experts, we designed an agile QMS software to meet organizations unique needs thanks to modular components and flexible workflow automation.

Clients have full control to change the software and adopt best QM practices tailored to their organization.

Convert Any Spreadsheet In Minutes!

BPA modular components extend Microsoft capabilities by bringing a great user experience and providing the missing features needed for a performing QMS, like relational capabilities, report generation, graphical charts, eSignatures, intelligent forms, reminders, and more.

BPA Modular Component

BPA modular component to view nonconformities with related CAPA actions, photos, attachments…

Power users – in the client’s Quality Team – can simply create new data registers in the BPA software, build relations with existing QMS modules, and add modular components in pages to simplify parent-child navigation in related modules. Any existing spreadsheet can be converted in minutes !

Prebuilt & Flexible Automated Workflows

From our rich client project experience, we have built dozens of prebuilt automated workflow templates to match typical organizations use cases, like compliance document signature approvals, nonconformities 8D processing, and many more. Workflows can be easily imported in the client’s environment for a quick start, and simply adapted to match clients needs with no coding needed.

Nonconformity Workflow

Prebuilt & agile automated workflow for nonconformity, ready to be imported in the client environment.

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At BPA Solutions, we are convinced the QMS software has to be agile enough to adapt to client organizations, and we believe it to be counterproductive when organizations have to adapt their processes to match rigid software solutions.

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