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WCQI Conference – QMS on Microsoft 365

WCQI 2002 - QMS on Microsoft 365

Plenty of visitors at our booth during ASQ WCQI conference in Anaheim.

As an exhibitor at the ASQ World Conference for Quality & Improvement, we had plenty of visitors on our booth asking for a QMS software running on their existing Microsoft tools. BPA Apps on Microsoft 365 were developed to leverage existing technologies used by collaborators on their daily business.

Learning new software tools is always a hurdle for collaborators. End users need to adapt to the software and change their habits. Often, the result is a poor user adoption.

By leveraging tools used by employees daily, like Teams and Office cloud solutions we ensure the QMS software is highly adopted by end users.

This year, we were busy on our booth to demonstrate how companies can go a step further by implementing a QMS software to reach Quality 4.0, for everyone, on any device.

Visitors have been mostly interested in features, like:

  • AI capabilities to find documents by asking questions to a chat bot
  • Instant quality improvement with Teams
  • Audit and incident Power Apps for mobile users
  • Powerful workflow automation
  • Business Intelligence

Thank you for your visit in Anaheim and see you next year at WCQI 2023 in Philadelphia !

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