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BPA No-code Solution Builder for Office 365

Businesses are always searching for ways to gain efficiency, reduce costs, and capture an advantage. To achieve these goals, you need the right tools. However, developing custom applications with all the required functionality can be costly and time-and-labor-intensive. That can put them out of reach for many companies—until now.

Built on Microsoft Office 365, BPA’s No-Code Solution Builder makes it possible for even non-technical personnel to develop the robust applications businesses need with:

  • Modular functions and drag-and-drop templates—Spend more time on business initiatives, not development efforts
  • Automation of common, repetitive, paper-based tasks—Speed deployments, increase productivity, and reduce time to value
  • Full integration with SharePoint or cloud connectivity and web-based access—Collaborate securely anywhere, anytime, on any device, across the business
  • Deep visibility into workload performance and health metrics—Make the tough choices faster with access to granular, data-inspired insights

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