Root Cause Analysis

The root cause analysis is a crucial step in typical problem solving processes.

BPA helps you to deploy a workflow-driven collaborative problem solving process based on 8D, DMAIC or any other methodology.

For a typical problem solving process, like nonconformity handling, the main workflow steps are nonconformity data qualification, root cause investigation, action plan definition and action effectiveness measurement. Contributors are automatically warned during the problem solving process.

Workflow Progress NCR Process


Possible root causes can be investigated based on the 5 Whys methodology.

Non-Conformances Root Causes - Oil tanker


Based on the 5 Whys analysis, root causes can be identified using Ishikawa fishbone factors, like Management, Man, Method, Measurement, Machine and Material (6M).

Root Causes


The dashboard displays statistics about root causes and overall process indicators in real time.


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