DHAS Success Story


What do you do? Describe your company.

DHAS in a multinational system integrator operating in the MENA region with more than 30 years of operations.

Our different teams are dispatched in several regions and operate remote services.


What was your problem, and what challenges prevented you from easily solving the problem?

Our major problem has always been around data organization and centralization to be able to have key indicators on the operations. We have different software being used for accounting, HR, mobile workface management, project management and documentation.

Our base platform for cooperation is based on Microsoft SharePoint.

The challenge was to be able to bind all these different data and centralize them.

How did you find out about our solution? Did you consider other providers? What criteria did you use to select BPA and Microsoft?

Googling CRM and SharePoint pointed us out to BPA Solutions. After looking and testing various solutions, we decided to stick to BPA, especially after having met the team in Switzerland.

What was the solution? How did it address your challenges?

The solution was to centralize all the data into an SQL database, and then sync that information into a well customized built SharePoint using BPA modules.


How did you implement the solution? How long did it take? What new challenges did the implementation create?

Implementing the solution came gradually. We started restructuring and importing old data and gradually building the pages in our BPA based SharePoint site, adding and customizing based on the use practices.


What results did you gain from BPA Solutions – both anecdotally and measurably?

We are able to integrate all the data and reach excellent visibility on projects, services tracking, HR management, project documentation (to name a few). We get a 360-degree view of the company in a very flexible way. We like the mail merge component and the way to centralize emails with the Outlook connector, plus automated reminders.

Was there anything spectacular about how easy it was to deploy, or engage employees?

The system was easy to engage. Like any new CRM being implemented, the team was initially reluctant to change, but the flexibility of BPA allowed us to customize pages and views based on user’s demand (and very fast and easily) up to the point where the team started to talk to the management and “sell” the built solution as they saw how interactive the CRM was.

DHAS Success Story

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