Era Helicopters LLC Case Study


With more than 60 years experience, Era Helicopters LLC (Era) is an established leader and the longest serving helicopter provider in the industry. Headquartered in Lake Charles, Louisiana, transporting personnel to the shallow and deepwater oil and gas fields in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska is Era’s primary business.


We looked at different programs, but decided to use BPA CRM because of the flexibility the
system gives us in creating different views and lists, as well as user-friendly solutions to
import and export data. We especially like the automated email alerts that keep everybody
in the loop.

It only took 4 weeks to customize the system, after a couple of hours of training our salesteam was good to go and started using the system immediately.

Based on feedback from the sales team we keep improving the program every day. BPA CRM gives us the flexibility to do that on our own without paying a programmer. We generate our weekly reports directly from the CRM, without losing time.