Kepler Cheuvreux Success Story


What do you do? Describe your company.

Kepler Cheuvreux is one of the European leaders in independent financial services. The Group draws on its research expertise in the following fields: equities, debts and derivatives, investment solutions, corporate finance, asset management. The company is present in fourteen leading financial centers, including North America.


What was your problem, and what challenges prevented you from easily solving the problem?

In 2018, internal auditors proposed an initiative to the corporate client deal department to streamline their activities and processes. Before introducing the app, people were using local drives to store documents, which caused a lot of manual work and document copies. The aim of the project was to centralize data and documents per deal/project, increase traceability on contracts and financial data flows.

How did you find out about our solution? Did you consider other providers? What criteria did you use to select BPA and Microsoft?

Our IT partner (Sword Technologies) proposed the tools and components developed by BPA Solutions (App Builder on Office 365) to accelerate the delivery of a tailored solution. This was a great fit for the company because we were using Office 365 technologies already, like SharePoint, OneDrive and Office tools.

What was the solution? How did it address your challenges?

The solution was configured by the IT partner to meet our exact requirements in a very professional interface. Our user base is not very technology oriented, so we had to fulfil the needs precisely and deliver a solution running on tools end users are using every day. The app brings together documents with corporate client, investor and deal information. The app facilitates collaboration between departments during the entire deal lifecycle. Access to deal information is confidential and restricted to specific users.


How did you implement the solution? How long did it take? What new challenges did the implementation create?

The IT partner configured the solution on a dedicated SharePoint Online environment which was provisioned for the project. We started in June 2018 and went live in December 2018.


What results did you gain from BPA Solutions – both anecdotally and measurably?

We are very happy with the solution. We could quickly deliver the needed functions in a very professional user interface. The system works very well with no disruption since it was launched in production. It answers our needs very precisely. We especially like the app’s visual which is clean and efficient.

The solution makes our deal process better organized and transparent. Information is centrally visible and fluid, allowing the different units to work in collaboration. Thanks to the system, we increased efficiency in producing accurate data for our invoicing process.

Was there anything spectacular about how easy it was to deploy, or engage employees?

We could overcome the challenge to bring a new solution to our non-technical staff, which is used in the daily business and tailored to their needs.

Kepler Cheuvreux Success Story

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