RHEA Group Success Story


What do you do? Describe your company.

RHEA Group provides bespoke engineering solutions, systems development and security services for space, military, government and other critical infrastructure. Our headquarters is in Belgium, we are located in 11 countries and have over 650 staff internationally.


What was your problem, and what challenges prevented you from easily solving the problem?

We come from a manually-maintained information system. We mostly worked with spreadsheets and file servers, manually tracking documents and versions. As a result we had a non-integrated information system, heavy to maintain with a lot of redundancies and inconsistencies.

How did you find out about our solution? Did you consider other providers? What criteria did you use to select BPA and Microsoft?

We found BPA Solutions while googling for an Office 365-based quality management software. We were also considering other vendors like Mastercontrol, Salesforce compliance quest and Vivaldi. BPAQuality365 was selected because it includes all modules for an Integrated Management System (IMS) with good pricing conditions, a great agility to adapt to our needs, and runs in our existing Office 365 environment.

What was the solution? How did it address your challenges?

We implemented BPA Quality and Risk Management in our Office 365 environment. With the software we could rapidly move away from our file server and reach compliance by design.


How did you implement the solution? How long did it take? What new challenges did the implementation create?

The implementation was done with the support of BPA and our internal project team. Weekly recorded sessions were organised with the BPA team to transfer knowledge to us, configure the software and import the needed prebuilt workflows. We were discovering Office 365 possibilities together with the new QMS software which was challenging. We moved away from our old file server to a new SharePoint/Power Automate workflow logic. We faced some natural resistance to change by collaborators, which was expected.


What results did you gain from BPA Solutions – both anecdotally and measurably?

We are very happy of the achievements done. We successfully accomplished audits with the new system and got a positive appreciation of auditors about the utility to deploy such a system. We were able to show improvements while migrating to this new “automated” environment. We just start to discover the possibilities of such a system and will explore more in the future.

Was there anything spectacular about how easy it was to deploy, or engage employees?

New employees are positively impressed by the good organisation of such a system and by having an “automated and integrated system in place”.

RHEA Group Success Story

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