SCA Case Study


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SCA Packaging member of the SCA Group, is a European leading provider of customer-specific packaging solutions with emphasis on state-of-the art design and local service close to customer facilities. With a product portfolio that includes transport, consumer and display packaging, customised protective packaging, industrial packaging and heavy duty, SCA Packaging answers to each market requirement. SCA Packaging is Europe’s second largest producer of containerboard paper used for the manufacturing of corrugated board. SCA Packaging employs more than 15,218 people at almost 175 production units in 25 countries

SCA Packaging is using Microsoft SharePoint where greater collaboration can bring benefits, which is particularly beneficial when you have so many countries and regions working on similar challenges and projects. Fast Track is our first SharePoint based ‘application’ that has been successfully implemented


This has been a relatively low cost investment to provide a platform and base that will evolve and develop as our Sales processes mature and refine.

SCA had issues when trying to implement standard CRM systems in the past and now sees the value of starting with a limited scope and then extending as the tools and processes become embedded in the organization.

BPA has helped SCA get off to a Fast Start and SCA have been able to quickly adapt BPA CRM to support SCA required processes.

This tool set will provide significant support to SCAs World Class Marketing and Sales efforts.

SCA Case Study

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