SHERQ Success Story


SHERQ Professional Solutions works with expert consultants and international partners to provide world class services to various industries in Eswatini, Southern Africa and beyond; to assist organizations to align their activities with Safety Health Environment Risk and Quality (SHERQ) relevant legislative regulation with the aim of creating quantifiable value for all stakeholders.

SHERQ Pro has partnered with BPA Solutions in the provision of products that are grouped into five main categories:

  • Training
  • Auditing
  • Monitoring
  • Implementation
  • Electronic Platform

These categories serve to capacitate organizations through the identification and mitigation of inherent risk by means of providing customer oriented SHERQ services coupled with excellent technical expertise.


Before installing BPA Quality, the company was using spreadsheets to track non-conformances and action plans with poor communication between divisions. The main goal was to replace non-satisfying numerous unrelated documents, spreadsheets and a heavy paper-based announcement process. SHERQ Professional Solutions was looking for an integrated solution to motivate process owners becoming responsible to manage their units. The selected software needed to be compliant with ISO 9001 among many other standards.


BPA Quality is much more than a QMS solution, it is the company business management tool. We are able to track HR processes, employee trainings, audits, knowledge and risks in a central location, replacing cumbersome paper systems. The company decided to install Microsoft SharePoint together with BPA Quality to have a single technology for collaboration and process improvement. SHERQ’s announcement process covers many purposes, like improvement proposals, non-conformances, congratulations and audits. The existing paper-based announcement form was digitalized and automated with alerts. ISO 9001 emphasizes the importance of risk management. Identified risks have been imported in the software and related actions are tracked in the system.


Having BPA yielded incredible results, and made a huge difference because process owners are now fully engaged in the QMS, automatic reminders and alerts make sure actions are done timely and effectively. BPA Quality brought better visibility to the organization and the notification process has greatly improved the communication across departments. Managers are gaining a better pulse on current activities and instant insight on the incidents that are open and the varying statuses. In the case of reoccurring incidents, managers can pull up previous incidents easily and access the information they need.

SHERQ Success Story

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