Sydney Fish Market Success Story


What do you do? Describe your company.

Sydney Fish Market operates a wholesale auction and working fish market, hosting six seafood retailers offering Australia’s biggest variety of fresh seafood. It is the largest market of its kind in the southern hemisphere, trading over 100 different species of seafood each day.

More than just a location that trades seafood, the site has become a leading tourism destination, showcasing the best in Australian produce to food lovers and seafood enthusiasts from across Australia and around the world. Visitors can experience the variety and quality of fresh and cooked local seafood that has become renowned worldwide.


What was your problem, and what challenges prevented you from easily solving the problem?

SFM has been using another QMS software package for about 15 years (from 2001). For some time, staff have become disillusioned with this product and have been trying to avoid using it since there was complications with whom maintaining the folder – tier structure. Access to the offline QMS files are being used by employees leading to a loss of document control in the system. Therefore, a suitable replacement product was sought which can be regarded as user friendly, intuitive and most of all appearing as a web – based platform that is familiar to current methods of cloud information management.

How did you find out about our solution? Did you consider other providers? What criteria did you use to select BPA and Microsoft?

In recent years SFM has started to use SharePoint as its preferred document management platform. It has become apparent that a few software companies are now making QMS software products that integrate with SharePoint which lead into task at the exploration of the available Quality Management software.

The criteria below were the set parameters in which compared the current QMS functions to the proposed ISO contents and the available BPA via SharePoint software at the time:


What was the solution? How did it address your challenges?

The criteria above provided the impetus to confidently pursue BPA as the preferred solution for the future replacement and operations of the QMS. Internal communication lead by the QHSE department to convince the company to migrate toward BPA using the envisioned working environments. For the installation and roll out of the BPA software, a local SharePoint consultant (Myriad Technologies) was approached to assist with what is now covered in the Scope of work provided. Which to an extent realized the areas needed for the QMS at SFM such as: content creation, migration of content, end user testing, workshops to support technical implementation and systems testing.


How did you implement the solution? How long did it take? What new challenges did the implementation create?

Myriad technologies provided the baseline configurations during their installation project at SFM. This configuration process was accommodated by the available end users (QHSE) team and IT personnel at the time to ensure the structure flows with the most suitably understood architecture for the Quality Management System. Customization was built as the project progressed. At the home page -the dropdown structure for the tiled contents provided the architecture of how the end product will appear – in which is well understood to mirror the clauses compliant with current ISO structure.

BPA solutions has been implemented at SFM with the existing SharePoint platform that allows great leverage towards the ease of operations of the solution for SFM staff. As a feedback by staff, all –of the BPA solutions content appear as titled tiles which has been regarded as user friendly and intuitive since the solution was implemented.

Full implementation took approximately 2 months in –excess of 35working hours – with the project lead by Myriad Technologies’. Further to the roll out – Belinda has been in great support for the direct configurable items that was raised regarding the appearance of the footer contents on some Microsoft related programs. As time progressed after the mid – 2017 roll out, more communication was reached out to Belinda with the configuration needs that relates to the Web Part – Data Viewer display content.

There were several initial challenges that my Team encountered with the implementation of the solution. Particularly to the view items of the documents that has been uploaded. But since having further touches with the solution– all at SFM has now grasp the contents with greater understanding. Particularly for the correlation of the Microsoft related method of uploading and maintaining data trails of history.


What results did you gain from BPA Solutions – both anecdotally and measurably?

Anecdotal results have been with the ease of finding and understanding relationships of a particular – content to that relevant in the realm of ISO structure.

Further to the potential of BPA Solution has been earmarked to include more content with work items from other department at SFM. This will allow the full collaboration of colleagues from the secure base of BPA Solutions.

Much of the measurable results has been with the ease of creating a consistent reporting that is now the staple of QHSE monthly report. The current raw data that has been accurately as possible entered into the BPA solutions has been used as the representative figures for a continued reporting format. Approximately 50 % of all previous comingled documents has been achievable into a manageable view that is vital to all at SFM.

Sydney Fish Market Success Story



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