List Search App on Teams and Office 365

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BPA List Search App on Microsoft Teams


List Search App on Teams and Office 365

BPA List Search App on Teams & Office 365

Retrieving information from any software while chatting with Microsoft Teams forces users to switch context away from the conversation and creates a barrier to smooth collaboration.

With the BPA List Search App, users can search for business data stored in BPA without leaving the chat box in Teams. As a result, users get a better collaboration experience and take faster decisions.

The App is intended to workers on the field, on the shop floor or back-office collaborators that need instant access to structured business information while using Teams.

Any authorized user can start the App in a mouse click from a Teams conversation. After selecting the main list to search in, matching records in BPA will be displayed once the user starts typing a few letters. By selecting a record, an easy-to-read card is added in the conversation with a button to open contextual details in the BPA software.

As an example, you can search and share information about a specific nonconformity by discussing with your compliance team. The same way, you can search and share a sales opportunity details by chatting with your sales team.

The BPA List Search App is available as an extension to work together with any BPA App, like BPA Quality, CRM or any app built with our App Builder.

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