Wrapping-up 2023 and unveiling our 2024 roadmap

The 2023 wrap-up

2023 has been a very prolific year in terms of software development and new features added to our modern apps. Especially, we have been working hard to interface our apps with the most used Microsoft technologies, like Teams, Power Apps and Dynamics 365.

AI has been introduced to simplify user experience and increase productivity. The Cognitive Search add-on brings new ways to find documents by asking a chatbot in Teams. We provide new AI-driven tools to find similarities for better problem solving. Generative AI has been introduced to simplify compliance with regulations.

With Microsoft Teams, we have released the Teams Productivity add-on to interact with our apps while discussing in Teams, strengthening teamworking and boosting productivity, while reducing the time spent on cumbersome email-driven processes. Teams Forms and Productivity add-ons bring innovative tools enabling the future of work.

Interfacing with Dynamics 365, users seamlessly retrieve ERP data in real-time when registering forms in BPA apps, with no data synchronization needed, avoiding redundant data in both systems. This add-on extends Dynamics 365 with robust apps for quality management and medical compliance.

Two major Power Apps have been introduced for equipment management and simplified compliance document access. These Power Apps provide optimal experience for frontline collaborators on any mobile device, even while offline. We leverage camera and barcode readers for simplified usability.

Our 2024 roadmap

We will continue to bring exciting new features in 2024, by leveraging the latest Microsoft technologies in the context of quality management.

With BPA Pilot, we will introduce generative AI to search for internal documents and content with a brand-new user experience, optimizing the search experience. BPA Pilot will become the single-entry point for supporting users to search for content or ask for context-related information.

Integration with Teams will be further enhanced to trigger interactive cards in discussion flows when an item is added in BPA apps, enhancing reactivity and facilitating resolution.

All AI-related features, Teams add-ons, and Dynamics 365 connectors will be included in a Premium Edition to be announced in 2024.

Soon, our BPA Apps will be published on the Microsoft AppSource store, as we plan to further leverage this marketplace.

In addition, lots of new features will be added each month, improving user experience and performance. Stay tuned and check our release notes each month!

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