Intelligent Forms Applied to 8D Nonconformity Handling

8D Nonconformity Form

BPA intelligent form for nonconformity investigation, including eSignature.

It is challenging for organizations to have a central problem-solving process in place for everyone.

BPA Apps for Quality and Medical Compliance are prebuilt apps to run in your Office 365 environment, and provide a central place to manage incidents, complaints and nonconformities with intelligent forms including prebuilt automated workflows.

Anyone can register a nonconformity using BPA’s responsive forms, on any device. At the registration step, form sections for the investigation, action plan and effectiveness steps are visible in read-only mode. Cascading fields allows users to select consistent values, like product dependent failure types.

Behind the scenes, a workflow ensures the right persons are notified on Teams and the right form displays at each step of the 8D process.

While investigating, the registration form section is visible in read-only and the investigation form displays different zones for the risk analysis, root cause analysis and disposition. Only specified users can electronically sign the investigation work has been completed.

At the action plan step, CAPA actions need to be signed by each assignee and effectiveness will be checked by the action plan responsible person. Actions need to be completed and effective prior moving to the effectiveness step.

The nonconformity module in BPA Apps contain prebuilt conditional forms including eSignatures and automated workflows to cover typical problem-solving processes. BPA forms and eSignatures can be easily configured to meet any other business requirement, by using our intuitive form designer.

Get the best user experience on any device and meet your business challenges by using BPA intelligent forms and eSignatures.

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