Simplify Audit Management with BPA Apps and Microsoft 365

With BPA software and Audit Power Apps, we drastically simplify audit management in 4 simple steps:

  1. Optimally plan the audit in Teams
  2. Execute the audit easily with Power Apps
  3. Merge the audit report with Power Automate
  4. Access interactive dashboard with Power BI

With Microsoft Teams, organizations get a powerful tool for teamworking. Dedicated Teams can be created for audit purposes and selected members can be invited. The audit planning is drastically simplified thanks to Teams calendar features. When scheduling an audit, Teams proposes the best options when auditors and auditees are available to meet.

Plan audits in Microsoft Teams

Plan audits easily in Microsoft Teams, and let Teams propose the best time for your audits.

The audit is automatically created in the BPA software for auditors to select questions from a central library, complete preparation work, and share audit material.

Select audit questions

Select audit questions easily by clause/chapter, e.g. ISO 9001 clause/chapter with the new released item selector in the BPA software.

The audit Power Apps developed by BPA is a prebuilt mobile app to simplify auditor’s experience while auditing. The app works on any device, like a tablet, even when no Internet connection is available. Auditors touch the screen to set compliance for each question, and optionally record voice and take photos. Evidences are automatically synced back in the BPA software.

Audit Power Apps

Auditors run audits easily with any device, even while offline, with BPA’s generic Audit Power Apps.

After the audit execution, findings and actions can be added and managed in the BPA software. Automated workflows make sure the right persons are alerted, findings are investigated and actions are effective. A formatted audit report is automatically merged based on client’s template, including audit data and evidences, ready to be shared with the concerned persons.

Merged Audit Report

An automated workflow merges a formatted audit report, based on client templates, including approval and PDF conversion.

We recently released new dashboard capabilities for easy graphical reporting with no need of Power BI licenses. Important audit metrics, like the number of findings, actions, and audit performance radars can be consolidated in a graphical dashboard.

Audit Dashboard

New released audit dashboard in the BPA software (with no need of Power BI licenses).

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