Tips From Townsend: BPA’s Incredibly Flexible Mobile Administration Console

Are you frustrated with “one size fits none” user templates? BPA’s Mobile Administration Console allows your user setups to be as unique as your employees. You can configure each user to access the platform on the device of your choosing. You can specify what access each user has, including what sites they can visit and what permissions they will have.


The BPA mobile administration site gives you control over your users’ experience on iOS and Android.  The Mobile Administration site enables an organization’s appointed administrator to configure the sites, users, and permissions that its staff will have access to.  Through our administration site, you’ll be able to connect to ANY SharePoint site, whether a BPA Hosted application, an Office 365 cloud solution, or even an on-premise SharePoint environment.  You can also send invitations to your users to connect to your selected sites and assign them the permissions to access all or some of the sites you choose.

The BPA Mobile solution is a very powerful tool to take your SharePoint CRM, Risk, Quality, Recruiting or other custom application on the go to meet your mobile demands and on-site business needs.  Ensure that your team is communicating without any hindrances associated with remote or mobile limitations.
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