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Your Docs in the Pocket with the BPA Document Power Apps

The document power apps is a generic app to simplify access to documents with any device, anywhere even while offline. The app is ready to be used with the BPA eQMS software on Microsoft 365.

BPA Document Power Apps introduction video.

In the BPA software, compliance documents are prepared, approved, published and we make sure collaborators read and understand their related published documents. A barcode is automatically generated for each document.

The barcode reader integrated in the document Power Apps provides a quick and easy way to open a document with no need of an extra scanning device, for example an equipment verification procedure by scanning a barcode on the equipment, or an incoming inspection checklist by scanning the barcode at the inspection desk.

Documents can be easily accessed by selecting a process and a sub process. Documents open in full screen with zoom in option and quick navigation in pages.

The breadcrumb makes it easy to navigate in processes and documents. For offline use, documents can be downloaded in your device.

Simply select a document as a favorite to retrieve it in one click from the favorite documents.

The search form lets you find documents by title, identification, process or sub process.

You can change the app display to dark or clear mode and select your own logo and picture for the home page.

Accessing documents has never been so easy and fun. Use your own device with no need of extra scanner or hardware. Avoid manual work, save cost and make sure everyone access the last approved version of published documents easily.

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