Equipment Power Apps with Barcode Scanner

BPA’s Equipment Power Apps is a generic app for users to simplify equipment verification with a barcode scanner on any device, anywhere even while offline.

Prebuilt Equipment Power Apps to work jointly with the BPA QMS software on Microsoft 365. 

Equipment can be added easily or mass imported in the BPA software with their needed properties, like the equipment photo and a verification procedure. A barcode is automatically generated for each equipment.

The barcode reader integrated in the Equipment Power Apps provides a quick and easy way to search for an equipment with no need of an extra scanning device. Once the equipment barcode is scanned, the equipment page opens in the app with equipment details, photo and verification document. The verification procedure can be viewed in the app (or downloaded on your device for offline use).

From the equipment page, it’s possible to view the recent verification history. Users can make equipment available for an offline verification (if no internet connection). It’s possible to start a planned or unplanned verification. Planned verifications are created in the BPA software, with automated workflows.

During the equipment verification, users can simply log the compliance value, take some notes (or use speech to text) and take pictures or the completed verification checklist, or any failure observed. As a verification responsible person, your pending equipment verifications are summarized in one page, by date, like overdue, this week and later.

The search form let you find equipment by name, location or category.

The backend QMS software is automatically updated with verification compliance, notes and photos.

Equipment verification has never been so easy and fun. Use your own device with no need of extra scanner or hardware. Save cost and make sure equipment deliver the right quality.

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