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30+ Integrated SharePoint Web Parts Designed to Improve the User Experience

We have designed our SharePoint web parts and solutions to answer the business need that technology is a way to achieve results and that the user experience is the final objective. Our solutions are built to support business best practices and empower business managers with a flexible and scalable tool to manage the solutions that run their business.
Key benefits of our SharePoint web part bundles:

  • Increase user adoption through an intuitive UI
  • Quickly reach functional requirements with SharePoint
  • Give the control back to line of business managers to continuously adapt solutions to their needs
  • Aligned with IT strategies to unify technologies and reduce costs


Three editions of our SharePoint web part bundles are available: Standard, Professional and Enterprise. No matter the size of your organization, the edition choice should be based on the functionality you need for your solution. Each edition builds on the capabilities of the previous edition.
Below is a list of the main SharePoint web parts included in our bundles.

List of the main SharePoint web parts included in our bundles.
Component Features User Benefits
Navigation Allows displaying colored navigation buttons with icons or a text navigation. The bar is configurable for each end user. Navigation headers are collapsible. Simplify UI. Improve ergonomics and display relevant topics only.
Data Viewer This central component highlights relations between lists and libraries. All important data is visible in one single page. 20+ buttons are available to present data (move or copy data). Filtering in each column is also allowed. Have all relevant data in one single page. No need to search for data in different lists. Easily perform 20+ actions directly in the page such as sending an email, mail merging a document, duplicating data…
Page With this tool you have more flexibility to dispose mixed BPA components in tabs and pages. Have different sources of data in one single page, like list data, charts, KPIs, etc.
Calendar Displaying items in a calendar view with colors. Can aggregate many lists in one single calendar. Have one single aggregated calendar. Avoid researching in many calendars.
Send Email Send one or many emails with SharePoint using shared templates. Easy recipient search in the different lists. Many options are possible to generate activities or campaigns. Email tracking is also possible. Communicate easily with shared email templates. Send emails to one or many recipients, directly from SharePoint.
Charts 15 types of graphical charts will display data from your selected lists and views, like bar, gauge, pipeline, range, radar charts… Charts are interactive and drill down to access data is available. Makes it easy to read data with interactive graphical charts.
Search This tool enables searching in a specific list or the whole site. Instant data search.
Hierarchy Will display data relations in a hierarchical tree view. View related data in a user-friendly way.
Reminder This administration tool will send automatic email alerts based on field conditions. Get automatically notified when action is required.
Email Marketing Allows preparing and sending a mass email using an external email marketing tool. Lists and campaign results are synced between both systems (open rate, unsubscribes, etc.). Stay in touch with your communities through newsletters, events, etc. directly in SharePoint.
Custom Fields Column type performing calculations with the current list or child lists. Results will be displayed as a value
or a colored flag.
Colored flags will tell you if you’re late or if your work is efficient.
Field Replication Replicates a field value from a list to another. It’s used to perform calculations with parent-child lists. Access cross-list data.
Office Connector This optional module is to be installed on a user PC and works with MS Outlook 2010 and later. Users can easily
select emails, events, tasks or contacts to be added in SharePoint, while keeping the context.
Track all important emails within SharePoint retaining the original context of the email.
Email Receiver This server application will propose contacts to be added in SharePoint and will automatically copy
incoming/outgoing emails in SharePoint. This works with Exchange and Exchange online servers.
Let the tool propose contacts to be added in SharePoint and automatically track emails.
Data Editor This tool improves SharePoint forms with intelligent lookup fields, cascading lookup rules, field permissions,
collapsible sections and tabs. This will also prevent you from entering duplicates in the system.
Drastically simplify editing data with SharePoint forms. Ensure data is consistently entered in SharePoint.
Mail Merge Mail merge will let you produce one or many formatted Word documents, like letters or reports, merging
SharePoint data.
Generate formatted documents such as meeting reports, letters, and dashboard on the fly, directly from the
Query This is a report generating tool. A wizard guides users to create reports, extracting data from many SharePoint
lists with advanced filters.
Extract data or build multi-list reports, with no need of IT people.
Favorites Simply select and view your favorite items. View at a glance what your favorite items are.
Permissions Define automatic SharePoint item-level permissions, based on fields and conditions. View your items only.
Quote Generator A wizard will create all necessary lists to create sales quotes or proposals, with the related price list, VAT
rates, currencies and products.
Create sales offers with SharePoint.
KPI This tool displays indicators or KPIs in a scorecard view for a repeating period. Colors will be automatically
set, based on targeted objectives. Average and tendency is automatically calculated.
View processes performance with an enterprise cockpit.
Import This wizard will guide users when importing data in one or many SharePoint lists, with duplicate handling. You
can import up to 1000 items, from a csv file.
Be autonomous when importing data in the system, like contacts with related companies.
Web Connector This wizard will guide you in generating forms to be published on the web. When submitting data, it will
automatically be copied in the desired SharePoint lists.
Avoid retyping data. Data from the web site or help desk portal will automatically be copied in SharePoint.
Replication Replicate, aggregate or consolidate data from a SharePoint site/list/view to another site. Cross server or farm
replication is possible.
Access cross-site data.
External Connector This allows mass importing or synching SQL data with SharePoint. View data from multiple source in one single location.
Sales System This tool displays items in a visual pipeline. Items are highlighted with colors, based on rules. It’s mostly
intended to sales persons when tracking sales opportunities.
Read data in a visual pipeline with colors.
Mobile Apps Native apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. Highly configurable apps that deliver full relationship management
with your mobile devices, even while offline. Central user management platform.
Access data anywhere and anytime.


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